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Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator- System Requirenents

In order to run the simulator, you need a few things to be installed and working on your computer

  1. Java 1.5 or higher
  2. Java Web Start (usually installed by default with Java)
  3. A Midi 'soundbank' - you might have one already, it depends on the Java version
  4. Speakers (switched on!)
  5. Permissions - you will need to be able to accept the security certificate and run a web start programme

System Verification

This browser does not have Java installed.

If Java is working, you should see a bright yellow box. The Java version must be 1.5 or higher and a MIDI soundbank is also needed. If one is found, then you should be able to press the button and hear a 2 second tone. This means that your system has all the necessary components and you should be able to run the simulator (but please read the instructions first).

Should you not see the yellow box, either Java is not installed or your browser / firewall is blocking programs. If your java versions is less than 1.5, you will need to upgrade. If no soundbank is found, you will need to install one (see http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/sound/soundbanks.html). Finally, if you still can't hear a sound, check the speakers are on and the volume is turned up!

Common Problems (and solutions)

I can play a sound on the test page but not in the application? Some computers have several different versions of Java installed. The version found by the tester could include a soundbank whilst the version used by the application doesn't. (It's to do with the way web browsers work).

To get sound working in the application, you need to ensure that the latest version of Java has a soundbank as per the guide above.