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Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator

The smallpipes simulator is a Java Web Start application that demonstrates how Northumbrian Smallpipes are tuned and how to tune the drones. It uses MIDI sound and can be used to train the ear to listen to the small differences that make a set of pipes in tune or out of tune.

The application does have a few system requirements and it's worth checking these first. There are also some instructions on how to use it. Alternatively you could just take a chance and launch the programme and see what happens.

Check your System
Read the Instructions
Launch the Simulator

The simulator was written by Rob Say and is all his own work. Feel free to link to this page, but please don't link directly to the application. Do not copy, sell or redistribute without permission.

Many thanks to the team of testers who gave lots of help in getting this out into the wild: John, Nick, Dunmail, Alison & Andrew. I'm very grateful and even more of your suggestions should appear in later versions (as family, other interests and work permits!)